Pete McPartlan


Originally released as 5 tapes through my e-mail list.

Made by the fictional Vasulka Oortkind:

"Raised by amphibians/wolves in a trash heap of VHS recorders and bits of old 386 computer peripherals somewhere in the woods in central Europe. Grew up watching CRT TVs with no reception. This is the sound of him excaping the planet / his mind / whatever in a vehicle made from the junk he found around him, piloted by insects."

It's a a mixture of edited solo improvisations from the 2020 lockdown, with modular-ish synths, handmade electronic gadgets and trackers feeding back (it's more particulate than droney but along those lines) and some more sequenced electro stuff. All mixed together onto flourescent C45s.

You can download it for free on bandcamp.