Pete McPartlan

I started making these films out of an interest in how moving image could be a tool to understand pattern. Nature seems to me to be composed of noise and I found it interesting how I could use photography in a manner more akin to granular synthesis than a linear series of events. I'm calling them the isotropic series, because I was interested in them appearing flat, looking similar in all dimensions including time. These are animations that are more concerned with change over time than the illusion of motion.

Nema (2014)

3D animation made from particle systems based on patterns found in long grass.

In The Bush (2014)

Photographs of a recently cut bush on a foggy day create a spikey texture.

Ferrous (2014)

A study of a rusty bucket.

Mulch (2013)

Patterns of leaves, grass and fronds skittering and forming shapes. Sharpness is controlled by the audio.

Occasional Table (2012)

Composed of a series of photographs of water droplets on a table.