Pete McPartlan

drawIslands() (2008)

Drawing installation and video performance. Receipt paper, indian ink.


Is a function that creates islands. A procedural performance that makes drawings of imaginary coastlines. The performance uses receipt paper as reels of film that are hand wound through a 'projector' made from a tiny camera and two tea caddies with pencils as handles.


Originally performed and produced in Turku, on the West coast of Finland during a the Sumu residency at Titanik gallery and in an other iteration at REDgallery, Hull.


There's a lot of context missing from this - I was thinking a lot about human process, machinic processes and "natural" processes at the time and so the title was always in camelCase with the brackets to suggest it was a programming function. Along side the drawings and the video projection in the exhibition in I had written out loads of pseudo code, trying to reverse engineer what it was that my brain was doing when I told it to "draw islands". I asked my dad (who works in printing) to get me some of that music ruled computer paper that you used to use in dot matrix printers to write it on and I ended up with reams of the stuff.