Pete McPartlan

Telecine (2010)

Performance and installation.


Telecine was my attempt at scaling up and pulling apart the telecine process. I had a roll of film on which I had drawn a sine wave, this was cut up into slides and loaded into a carousel. The carousel was set on a timer to change at regular intervals for a week. This was recorded every day onto a timelapse CCTV video recorder with the results projected the following day at normal speed, with the whole thing again being recorded onto the timelapse recorder.


A gradual speeding up of the imagery, with the intention that by the last day of the exhibition the images would change at exactly 24fps of a cinema projector, but it also contained the layers of the subsequent days recordings at slower speeds and featured the degradation of the recycling process.


Telecine was made for Sideshow in Nottinghm and performed at the Malt Cross gallery as part of a series of events made and curated by our collective The Heuristics Laboratory, me, Ruth Scott and Georgie Park.