Pete McPartlan


I've updated my site to this new sparse one. In the process I've edited out quite a bit - not sure what will come back and what will remain dead. Interesting process anyhow...

I have been doing lots since I last wrote anything - chiefly I've been editing and animating short videos for Numberphile, making maths and science communication films and having fun with that. But I have been maintaining a practice and making bits of artwork, some film experiments, filling sketchbooks and making animated shorts and loops - but I've not really been bothering with any of the self-promotion type stuff, sending videos to festivals or engaging very much online. Bleh, admin.

Also since last putting anything up, I've moved to London, which hasn't helped on the having-loads-of-spare-time-to-make-my-own-stuff front but has been great for seeing lots of music, film, art and whatnot. Last weekend I attended Edge of Frame Weekend which was such a great opportunity see some rare, interesting and/or damn weird animated films, meet some interesting folks and talk about all the experimental-animation stuff that's been rattling around my head. Might post some thoughts on that once I've had a bit of time to digest.

What else? I've recently finished (I think?) illustrating Philip Moriarty's book - "When the Uncertainty Principle Goes to 11: Or How to Explain Quantum Physics with Heavy Metal" it's very exciting to have a real, actual book on the way. In all good bookshops near you... soon. Or Amazon, even sooner.

I'm going to mostly post here about what I consider my fine-art practice*, but the boundaries are getting a little messy now as I'm doing bits of illustration for "work" and animations for "art work" it's all generally confusing. Taxonomy seems to be a huge part of getting a new website together - but for now I'm quite happy with having these things co-exist online.

*-Apologies for typos, I'm making this in notepad as I'm so sick of wordpress.

**-"Fine" is a bit redundant and possibly pretentious, but I think it helps clarify in this context***.

***-Footnotes are fun, aren't they.