Pete McPartlan


I work regularly with Brady Haran on the youtube channel Numberphile as well as his other science communication youtube channels (SixtySymbols, Objectivity, Periodic Table of Videos etc) editing and animating videos as well as designing merch and logos for podcasts, rewards for patrons etc. Through this I have done the occasional bit of work for other youtubers in need of some complex visualisation or silly animations and scientists looking for illustrations.

Numberphile and Sixty Symbols

Editing, animation etc.

Up And Atom

Braess Paradox Video

Tom Scott

Schmidt People Mover animations

Tadashi's Toys

A series of videos for Numberphile featuring Tadashi Tokieda

Steve Mould

Science Animations

What are Catalysts?

Short film for Imperial College London

When the Uncertainty Principle Goes to 11

Book Illustrations

Fantastic Numbers

Animated promo for Penguin Random House